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toothpick crossbows

Toothpick Crossbows

There are a lot of dangerous toys our there, but wait until you see these toothpick crossbows – “fire in the hole!”

Search, and these bad boys are sold out.  Apparently there’s world wide demand to the horror of parents everywhere.

The miniature crossbows can shoot toothpicks fast enough that they can penetrate cardboard, fruit, and even aluminum cans.

Not that schools accept toys being present, but these crossbows are dangerous enough to be considered weapons.

They’re super cheap, prices range for under a dollar for a wooden crossbow to around $20 for an aluminum precision crafted piece.  I’ll be honest they can provide hours of entertainment, but can we really trust our children with a toy capable of… I can’t even think about it.

Reacting to criticism, many of the leading retailers have stopped the toys from being sold online.

While they are no longer available online, I have found these in various specialty shops, ice cream shops, and on other chinese websites like Taobao and

The video online showing the damage these toys can cause are just as entertaining.  They have videos of crossbows shooting into everything.  And in true internet fashion some people have replaced the wooden toothpicks with metal needles.  These metal needles don’t pierce but crack a soda can.

While the toy toothpick crossbows come with a warning saying they should never be aimed at peoples or animals, the package claims they are great for pest control.  Not that I’m a fan of rats or spiders but I think this is definitely overkill.